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What is a PC M.O.T?

Sanstorm Computer Services promote the concept of regular software and hardware maintenance.

We are in the firm belief, that as you would have your car M.O.T. checked every year to ensure it's road worthiness. The same should be applied to your computer.

Many of us in this digital age, rely on the communication convenience, speed and wealth of information available via Broadband internet and our PC's.

Unfortunately, this same technology is being utilised to exploit computer users, with no distinction between business or home based systems. Programs called Trojans, Spyware and Malware, are used to track your computer use, grab passwords and steal personal information.


As bad as it may sound, there are measures we can all take to ensure we do not fall victim to these attacks. The first step towards this is to have your computer regularly checked for malicious programs.

Our 'PC MOT' service provides a 12 point cleaning process, whereby your computer software is manually deep cleaned by one of our experienced technicians. They will identify and remove all harmful and potentially harmful programs from your system, while safe-guarding your personal data such as documents and pictures.

Often as a result of this 12 point cleaning process the PC's overall software performance and reliability is enhanced considerably.

You will be advised on the best software to use to keep you computer free of Malware and Secure from hackers.

Most 'PC MOT' take between 1 and 2 hours to complete. However, this is often dependant on how regularly your system is cleaned and the levels of infection.

You can book an PC MOT easily by calling 01634 778093 or 07956-990913 anytime.

alternatively please email:





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