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SCS Managed Protection


Computer Software & Hardware Repair Specialist

Dedicated to Providing Home & Small Business Users Lasting Solutions


SCS has partnered with 'Panda Security' a leading Antivirus & Firewall Protection provider to be able to offer all SCS clients Industrial strength Computer Virus, Spyware, Malware & Firewall Managed Protection.

Large businesses benefit from having an IT dept which constantly monitors and manages all their computer system(s) protection and internet security. These large corporations also benefit from having access to far superior antivirus and internet security software, something small businesses and home users could not normally afford, not to mention the added cost of a full time IT technician to configure, constantly monitor and report on the state of protection for all your computers in real-time.

Please ask yourself the following key questions;

The questions above apply to all the of computers you use and own and unfortunately most of us cannot answer more than two or three of the questions posed.


A Sanstorm Computer Services Managed Antivirus & Firewall Protection subscription service can answer all of the above questions at anytime for all of your computers assigned to the service in a few mouse clicks.

An annual subscription to the service provides the Corporate grade software, installation, configuration and real-time monitoring of your computer(s) protection state.

Thanks to a special deal brokered with Panda Security UK,  I am able to offer a ‘Managed Antivirus & Internet Security Package’ to all my clients, both Small Business and Home users.

What is Managed Protection? Essentially it means that all computers that you own with a valid subscription will have their Antivirus and Internet Security software installed, configured and monitored by Sanstorm Computer Services. The protection software used is of Corporate Business Standard and allows for remote management of the protection software on all computers from a single web-based interface, that you can also view status, configure protection levels and show/print reports for all computers.

SCS Managed Protection Real-time monitoring includes; 

This Antivirus and Internet Security solution costs if purchased directly from Panda Security UK (and without SCS monitoring) £62.10 per computer!

However, as a continued commitment to provide SCS clients with an excellent service I am offering this to all of my clients at the following rates including SCS Management of the protection:

1 PC Licence and 1 Year Subscription to the service @ £45 inc Vat
2 PC Licence and 1 Year Subscription to the service @ £70 inc Vat
3 PC Licence or more 1 Year Subscription to the service @ £35 per each additional licence


Please Note: This is a Antivirus & Firewall Protection Service and not just software, once subscribed you will no-longer have to worry about the state of your computer(s) protection it will be monitored for you and any problems drawn to your attention and where possible rectified without further cost to you!

To request a Free 30 day trial or purchase a subscription to the service please email:

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